These are the Rules and Policies for Rockin' Decades Wiki. Please follow these, to help and have a good time here on the wiki. Thank you.

Main User and Chat policies.Edit

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not vandal.
  • Do not be extremely rude.
  • If a user is harassing you, consult an administrator, or try to sort it out without much trouble. If it continues, consult us, or if it is serious harassment, contact Wikia staff.
  • Try not to use fowl language. Damn, Hell, Ass is allowed. Anything like, Nigger, Bitch, Shit, Fuck, whore, or anything like it, or offensive in either racism, hate, gender, person, leave it out and it isn't allowed. Chat, or pages.
  • Your character can be born before 1950, or after. As long as anything you do stays inside 1999 and 1950, it is okay.
  • Don't be to agressive. I do not care for edit wars, as long as they're useful and actually edits, not spam edits. I am not a person to just say "It is spam editing, bro..", if it isn't spam editing.
  • Your page can have racism, as long as it isn't pointed torwards someone on the wiki. You are free with it, but don't go too far, and remember, nigger is not allowed.
  • Getting in arguments is not tolerated, but is allowed, to an extent. If they get too out of control, consult an admin.
  • No porn or crap like that. Your page can mention it and stuff since we're free, but don't actually put it on your page. If your character is a porn star, I do not want to actually see the porn in action. Leave it off.
  • Don't add crap-ass pages. Pages like "john is my charatrer he is awesome and bron in 1975 he lieks to say yay i pooped he siings alott:. That is just...sick. If you can't help it, than we understand, but try your best, and don't purposley.
  • Do not use all caps on anything. Using !!! is better than AND HE SAID. In Real life I don't see capital words on people mouths, why on the internet. Not on chat, not never here, exceptions can be made though. If it is on a poster, I really don't care either way.
  • Do not over power, at all. Not tolerated, not allowed. Making a scientist in your time for example, making a medicine for infinite life or something, is not allowed, at all. Don't even try. Same as discovering and LIVING on planets in space travel. You can discover, not live.
  • Obey the rules. Thank you.

Administrator and Chat moderator rulesEdit

  • For admins, no banning for no reason. If you don't like someone, banning them is just immature. If you think someone is a sock, that doesn't mean you ban them. You must know they are a sock, or have over 7 people who know. 
  • Ban appropriately, at mods and admins. Do not ban a person for a year or for life for vandaling one page or two. Bans are explained on the Guidelines page. 
  • Do not make random people mods, admins and bcrats. Consult me or all the admins, or all the active ones, or do a vote, and then we will decide. And same for bcrats, don't make random people admins 'Or BCRAT (yes, I used caps, on the rules page). That is just wrong and you can get your rights taken.
  • Do not do anything explained in the User Main Policies section.

Thank you, I hope all of you read them. Have a good time on Rockin Decades Wiki!

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