Welcome to the Guidelines and Help page. You can find all help for info on how to use the wiki, and more, admins and users. Thank you and enjoy.

Making your characterEdit

  • All RP's take place between the 1950 and 2000 limit. If you start at 1996, and all of a sudden you hit new year 2000, well, you can start back whenever, OR, I might make en exception to go over the limit. (2000's aren't really a rockin decade). But I reccomend to start new or something (like play as the father after the 50's). 
  • If you are in a fight with your friend wether to take place at a certain date, like 1988, or 1990, take place at a date inbetween, like 1989, or whatever is halfwat through.
  • You can make a group, band or whatever. Just have fun but don't go overboard.
  • You can have your own timeline, like if you take place in 1978, other people can take place in 1960 or whatever. Your friend can also be in your timeline, and other people from your timeline can enjoy you.
  • Making pages for your music and stuff a band of yours might make, if okay. Just don't go overboard.
  • If you are in space travel, you can discover planets and stuff. But you CAN'T live on them. That is overpowered = not tolerated. At all.
  • More to be added. Feel free to add ideas in the comments.


  • Make your characters house and life. Other people RPing in your time can live there, or in their own houses. Don't get mad if someone is living in your house who is RPing in the 50's, and you are in the 70's. May have been someone who lived there before you. Just try to keep to yourself nd your group is possible.
  • Have a job if you want. Make your pay. You can make fake stores, but do not make fake lands or countries AT ALL. That is fan-fiction, not Role-play, technically.
  • You can have babies with someone, you can do mostly anything. Even gay marriage. It doesn't really matter, as long as it is possible. And don't try making a doctor make a potion for infinite life, that is over-powered and NOT tolerated.
  • War is a great liking by people. Conflicts, but make it appropriate. 
  • More to be added.

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